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speakerwriter   (open in a new window)

Creative Individual Looking for Common Creativity
I'm a motivational/educational speaker first. Presently I am working on starting my speaking company. A number of professional speakers suggested writing a book, listing the many advantages, so I fearfully approached this task, and came to discover I enjoy writing. I've just finished my first short fiction which the publisher is presently working on. (cliff-hanger, waiting on the second book) ...

61 years old | High Ridge, MO, USA

Last time online: Within two weeks

anderswsp   (open in a new window)

28 years old | Fredericia, Denmark

Last time online: Within a month

luckygoclimb   (open in a new window)

Obsessed writer looking for a partner in ink
Hi everyone! I'm just looking for a fun, sexy and interesting guy, someone who has ideas of their own, and isn't afraid to write them down! About me, I'm 27 and a traveler. I plan to spend the next two months writing my 3rd novel, though I haven't published anything yet. I'm in Virginia Beach for a few months before I head off to something new, though I don't know what yet. I'm not look...

27 years old | Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Last time online: Within a week

passionateverse   (open in a new window)

A dream

36 years old | Lansing, MI, USA

Last time online: Within a month

rd3477   (open in a new window)

working on ninth novel

64 years old | Charleston, SC, USA

Last time online: Within two months

kwriter69   (open in a new window)

I want to join for help

18 years old | Swansea, IL, USA

Last time online: Within two months

gracefull   (open in a new window)

Writing Books
I have been writing for many years, but just recently got up the nerve to actually publish my works. I am having a blast writing! It has now become a passion and almost like an addiction. I can't wait to write my next book!

55 years old | Azusa, CA, USA

Last time online: Within two months

brandy143   (open in a new window)

29 years old | Hazard, KY, USA

Last time online: Within two months

richardrawrrx3   (open in a new window)

I'm Richard I'm 18 from Texas I'm kind, caring, lovable, sweet, nice,generous, compassionate, weird, shy, and funny I love to write, read, act,sing,draw, and play music. I am looking for either love, friendship, or even business relations in order for me to fulfill my dreams of becoming a published moderatly successful writer.

18 years old | Denison, TX, USA

Last time online: Within two months

bb2016   (open in a new window)

Just trying to find a Technical Writer to be friends with. I am studying to be a Technical Writer.

36 years old | Tucson, AZ, USA

Last time online: Within two months

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