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litetalker   (open in a new window)

Looking for a Lady to be my writing companion
I like to write, and I have several book ideas that I hope might make it to the screen someday. It's always nice to have a co-author, and it helps to generate more ideas. Hopefully someone I'm involved with, but I haven't found her yet.

52 years old | Garden Grove, CA, USA

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plus23   (open in a new window)

I'm here looking to meet awesome new people, where-ever they may be from, to make new friends and have a good conversation with etc etc.

My writing isn't published... YET... though I do hope to finish a short story collection soon and get that onto bookshelves around the world! So WATCH THIS SPACE!

I respon...

25 years old | Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

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augustskies   (open in a new window)

Looking to make a connection
Hi. My name is Tim and I am an unpublished amateur writer and artist. Currently, I am working on writing two graphic novels, a regular novel, and a comic strip. I am doing the designs and artwork for all of them. I'm so far unpublished. I'm looking to meet someone who is like minded and loves to be creative. We can work on things together and have a fun time. I like to go out but I can stay in al...

31 years old | Salem, OR, USA

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sobeit2   (open in a new window)

Writer of Books, Screenplay, Lyrics, Music Videos
I'm a writer. Ironically, I don't feel like writing about my writing here. Sorry. I'm sick of writing. It controls my life. I am a slave to it. In fact, right now, I am avoiding doing my research, because I needed a break. So here I am, writing my profile, on this website. ... !

51 years old | Minneapolis, MN, USA

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doctorrobert   (open in a new window)

19 years old | Ontario, CANADA

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buckg   (open in a new window)

Working On 2nd Novel - Gave Up On First...
Kidding of course. I have a lot of great ideas, and enjoy endless hours exploring them. Perhaps someday you might enjoy them too! New sources of inspiration are always welcome.

53 years old | Kirkland, WA, USA

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nowthatsabadger   (open in a new window)

I write stuff. I try. anyway!

22 years old | County of Lancashire, United Kingdom

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dragonborn123   (open in a new window)

29 years old | Ontario, CA, USA

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mistersister   (open in a new window)

Currently I am on the last draft of a memoir. Always interested in chatting with other writers or aspiring writers.

35 years old | Powell River, Canada

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ashley219581   (open in a new window)

writing is a way to let out everything i can't say
since i was little i wrote, everything was paranormal and fantasy in nature. it was just a way to say what i could could verbally say and it has helped me grow as a person

18 years old | Aaron, MO, USA

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