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mrwright014   (open in a new window)

Someone that is as passionate and dedicate as a writers, as she is a true friend. I would love to share one day with that special friend the true passion on writing. Maybe, one day we could write a book together.

43 years old | Cadillac, MI, USA

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petergilet   (open in a new window)

short stories.
I once turned a thesis into a book on folk tales. I also spend time writing short stories about a country town i lived in. Only the book and one short story every published.

71 years old | Perth City, Australia

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smickels   (open in a new window)

I'm 25, from Essex. I work in travel as cabin crew. I love movies, reading and writing. I'm a big fan of Lord of the Rings and superhero movies like Spiderman. I love to travel, I spent some time volunteering in Africa with not only big cats but I helped build a school as well. I want to travel the world so I go on holiday quite often. I'm looking for friendship but wouldn't mind if it developed i...

24 years old | Rochford, United Kingdom

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simon69   (open in a new window)

Ideas are nothing until they're WRITTEN down
One of my hobbies//passions is writing (mostly fiction) even though daily life and the occasional bout with writer's block sometimes interferes with that. I want to meet some folks who share (or have already accomplished) that dream of becoming a writer.

32 years old | Silver Spring, MD, USA

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sexyeyes61   (open in a new window)

love writing
i have always wanted to be a writer when i was younger i would write poems and my dream today is to write a book and a movie

53 years old | Aa Junction, AR, USA

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ziggyrbe10k   (open in a new window)

In search of my soulmate
The last three years have been a roller coaster of various types of activism, in which I have written numerous articles and found a love of writing. I'm now mostly dedicated to a project I've founded, rbe10k, for which I write on a daily basis. The project's goal is eliminating worldwide poverty within an adult lifetime.

I'm at a time trying to juggle wanting to develop a social life whils...

39 years old | Newtown, Australia

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jacksterizer   (open in a new window)

38 years old | Lemon Grove, CA, USA

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kirathekiller   (open in a new window)

Been a writer all my life
Reading and writing pretty much make up half of my life. (The other half is music.) I've read so many books I can't even count the number, and I've started about 18 of my own books over the last 7 years or so. None have been finished yet, of course XP But one day I hope to publish and have my writing out there, for all to enjoy.

21 years old | Maryville, MO, USA

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malakotawelo   (open in a new window)

i write a lot, and i can tend to write a lot in my forum posts, i probably have written enough for a few books, but so far have not been dedicated enough to finish anything, maybe one of these days...

40 years old | Springfield, MO, USA

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ladynquill   (open in a new window)

Fiction/nonfiction and poetry!
Educator, writer, artist that is passionate about the arts and humanities. Foreign film aficionado. Enjoy travel and culture as well as ethnic cuisine. Seeking deep meaningful conversations with a man of letters, and more.

49 years old | Orange, CA, USA

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