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melbelle2000   (open in a new window)

writing in progress
I love to be able to pour out emotions and my passions in my characters or in my writings, i am a kinda of reserved person and shy but my characters can do and say things that i wouldnt even think of muttering outloud. i am working on a christian fiction novel and love to write poetry, among other things

30 years old | Rural Area, NC, USA

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veronananika   (open in a new window)

Screenwriter/fiction writer/skit writer
I'm a transgender woman in the Detroit area, and I love to write. Of late, I've been focusing on screenwriting. I do write short stories and skits, as well. If you would like to exchange/critique/collaborate - or even if you would just like to drop me a line - feel free. Best wishes, Veronica

42 years old | Abbottsford, MI, USA

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sexyeyes61   (open in a new window)

love writing
i have always wanted to be a writer when i was younger i would write poems and my dream today is to write a book and a movie

53 years old | Aa Junction, AR, USA

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rhorner64   (open in a new window)

Am writing in my spare time
I am a writer in my spare time. I am writing a paranormal romance

48 years old | Mansfield, OH, USA

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g33kyfunfem   (open in a new window)

I like to think that I'm a laid back fun loving type of person. I have a silly personality and love to make jokes and lighten the mood. For now I'll keep this short as I'm sure we'll better enjoy exploring things about each other through chat or email. So here's a general list of some hobbies of mine: Anime, TV, Movies, Music, Art, Computers, Games, & Other Geeky Things. ^_^ -- If you're intereste...

30 years old | Akron, OH, USA

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nerdkym   (open in a new window)

A Fantasy Writer
I write fantasy, sci-fi and mysteries, sometimes with a little romance thrown in. Writing is like an adventure. The characters direct it, I am merely the medium from which they emerge.

20 years old | Hull, MA, USA

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petra2009   (open in a new window)

Love to write but mostly poetry
I have always enjoyed writing stories all of which never got finished. I write poems that I can finish I have an interest in fantasy/scifi so my stories are about and space adventures I guess a lot of my poetry is based on angst and a bit dark but it has a power th...

67 years old | Southampton, United Kingdom

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fageek   (open in a new window)

Working Hard on First Book
I'm hard at work on my first book, a fantasy with a disabled protagonist. Looking for a larger lady who appreciates that kind of writing.

47 years old | Lewiston Orchards, ID, USA

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nightrider64   (open in a new window)

riding and writing
I love the power of great literature and I know I have a great book or two in me. I want somebody to help me put it together, to live with me the life of reading and writing and audio books on the road. Share that with me and I will share everything with you.

49 years old | Roseboro, NC, USA

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midnite2011   (open in a new window)

Words form thoughts and memorys that are forever to keep. The pen is to the pad as Romeo to juliet. Beautiful together, but a tragicaly seperated in the end.

19 years old | Nashville, TN, USA

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