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26 years old | Abbotts, NY, USA

Last time online: Today

markmywordz   (open in a new window)

42 years old | Atlanta, GA, USA

Last time online: Today

leep1852   (open in a new window)

55 years old | Abbott, CA, USA

Last time online: Today

daysinner   (open in a new window)

47 years old | Saint George, UT, USA

Last time online: Yesterday

aerynrau   (open in a new window)

Addicted to writing
I"m not published and really not sure if i even want to be, but I love writing because I can take real world things that bother me and turn it into fiction and make it go away. If that makes any sense.

38 years old | Burlington, NC, USA

Last time online: Yesterday

nerdylifer13   (open in a new window)

26 years old | Grand Haven, MI, USA

Last time online: Yesterday

ozzyozzy5   (open in a new window)

You would expect a long description from a writer...

27 years old | Abbevill, Ireland

Last time online: Yesterday

mikeyt26   (open in a new window)

27 years old | Örebro, Sweden

Last time online: Yesterday

augustskies   (open in a new window)

Looking to make a connection
Hi. My name is Tim and I am an unpublished amateur writer and artist. Currently, I am working on writing two graphic novels, a regular novel, and a comic strip. I am doing the designs and artwork for all of them. I'm so far unpublished. I'm looking to meet someone who is like minded and loves to be creative. We can work on things together and have a fun time. I like to go out but I can stay in al...

31 years old | Salem, OR, USA

Last time online: Yesterday

shazbah   (open in a new window)

62 years old | Huntsville, AL, USA

Last time online: Yesterday

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