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misabel   (open in a new window)

Writing is living
I'm working hard on my writing (well, not at the moment, but most of the time). I write fantasy, mystery, historic stories, both for grownups and young adults.

27 years old | Abborrhult, Sweden

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funnyogi   (open in a new window)

Funnyogi Academic Nature Loving Comedia
I believe if one operates from a center of understanding that we are all One in Love, and that if one operates from that Heart Center, then one is Loving towards all. I really don't understand how one can love a dog but eat a deer... In parts of the world, (i.e. Cambodia, Viet Nam) people eat dogs - in the U.S.A. people treat them like part of the family. I treat all living beings as part of my...

55 years old | Grand Rapids, MI, USA

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luvuontop   (open in a new window)

How to write out why I love writing??

40 years old | Boulder, CO, USA

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danceandpoetry   (open in a new window)

Amateur Poet looking for my Muse... ;-)
I'm an amateur poet hoping to develop my writing skills. Do you like poetry?

58 years old | San Antonio, TX, USA

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mudman   (open in a new window)

70 years old | Santa Fe, NM, USA

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virilio   (open in a new window)

This profile is used for testing
This profile is used for testing

25 years old | Montreal, Canada

Last time online: Yesterday

susan2150   (open in a new window)

43 years old | Santa Ana, CA, USA

Last time online: Yesterday

4luckylady4   (open in a new window)

Why write
I love to write nothing important but what is on my mind I have four books going they are almost finished and I have 4 more I want to write. I would like to how to sell them without giving a compan an arm and leg for selling my words.

63 years old | Ormond Beach, FL, USA

Last time online: Yesterday

nerdylifer13   (open in a new window)

26 years old | Grand Haven, MI, USA

Last time online: Yesterday

jewnose   (open in a new window)

24 years old | Dallas, TX, USA

Last time online: Yesterday

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