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littlehope   (open in a new window)

I'm a freelance writer of movie and TV reviews mostly, generally a quiet stay-at-home type, into movies, comic books, a variety of music (hard rock/metal, pop, country), sci-fi, horror and taking naps. I've previously spent a lot of time both celibate and alone, by choice, completely avoiding dating, sex, romance and relationships, and I've still yet to figure out if I want to date, or make f...

35 years old | Acoma, NV, USA

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theresa7777   (open in a new window)

58 years old | Poplar Bluff, MO, USA

Last time online: Today

leep1852   (open in a new window)

55 years old | Abbott, CA, USA

Last time online: Today

naughtypisces   (open in a new window)

64 years old | Irvine, CA, USA

Last time online: Today

cuninglingwist2   (open in a new window)

60 years old | Hartford, CT, USA

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upsidedown4u2   (open in a new window)

44 years old | Salem, OR, USA

Last time online: Today

annata   (open in a new window)

51 years old | Tuba City, AZ, USA

Last time online: Yesterday

coluan   (open in a new window)

I found myself here...
...because I'm a writer. It's a hobby I wouldn't mind turning into a career at some point. (Well, we all have dreams, right?)

I've dabbled in a bit of everything over the years: poetry, screenwriting, teleplays, prose fiction (short and long), comic books, etc. I still occasionally return to script writing, but my main focus for years...

31 years old | Dickson City, PA, USA

Last time online: Yesterday

ozzyozzy5   (open in a new window)

You would expect a long description from a writer...

27 years old | Abbevill, Ireland

Last time online: Yesterday

redbird24   (open in a new window)

28 years old | Omaha, NE, USA

Last time online: Yesterday

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