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natcharlie   (open in a new window)

Young writer
Hi I'm Nat I've been writing since I was in sixth form n find it really helps me clear my head and put my imaginations to paper.

25 years old | Shildon, United Kingdom

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jd41   (open in a new window)

59 years old | Dunnellon, FL, USA

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habulst97   (open in a new window)

Expirience writer looking for itps
help me become even better than i already am

34 years old | Chicago, IL, USA

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kierkegaard   (open in a new window)

Paranomasia, anyone?
Okay, I'll spare you the puns. I'm the kind of guy who knows that "and" isn't a verb (try and do better!), and how to use unit hyphens for compound adjectives. And let's not forget anagrams, palindromes, homophones... anyone know which four words in the English language end in -dous? Contact me if you have the answer (I do). Or even if you don't have the answer.

55 years old | Fairwood, WA, USA

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ozzyozzy5   (open in a new window)

You would expect a long description from a writer...

27 years old | Abbevill, Ireland

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jm60   (open in a new window)

Writing sets my mind free

52 years old | Los Angeles, CA, USA

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leep1852   (open in a new window)

55 years old | Abbott, CA, USA

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dharmahippie   (open in a new window)

i've been writing since i was about 9 or 10 and wanted to be a writer since i was 11. i love being able to explore things- lifestyles, places, etc. through writing.

32 years old | Denton, TX, USA

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vampiregirl   (open in a new window)

I love writing fanfiction
I mostly write for fanfic. I would also love to know what it's like to write a book to publish but my dyslexia and dyspraxia get in the way

26 years old | Cheshire, United Kingdom

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peterjames   (open in a new window)

28 years old | Nuneaton, United Kingdom

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