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drprunesqualor   (open in a new window)

Desperately seeking something.

45 years old | Bath, United Kingdom

Last time online: Today

vlewis568   (open in a new window)

My reason for joining is interest.

23 years old | Washington, DC, USA

Last time online: Today

lunaofmercy90   (open in a new window)

25 years old | Seward, NE, USA

Last time online: Today

softroses08   (open in a new window)

The truth can set even the prisoner free if told in time. I love to write about life. About the why, The what if? The wonders of the world. The way of man under the sun. The laughter, the whispers and the crying.

52 years old | Atlanta, GA, USA

Last time online: Today

ozzyozzy5   (open in a new window)

You would expect a long description from a writer...

27 years old | Abbevill, Ireland

Last time online: Today

aranbenjo   (open in a new window)

i love to write
i always dreamed to became a journalist

33 years old | Roma, Italy

Last time online: Today

moonvisage   (open in a new window)

38 years old | Llandudno, United Kingdom

Last time online: Today

irish138   (open in a new window)

27 years old | Pasadena, CA, USA

Last time online: Today

mytruprincessme   (open in a new window)

42 years old | Dallas, TX, USA

Last time online: Yesterday

ponpidopoo3   (open in a new window)

so they sayd this site is a goo site
so i am here on this site because my destiny leads me here

32 years old | Agua, Dominican Republic

Last time online: Yesterday

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