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softroses08   (open in a new window)

the truth can set even the prisoner free if told in time. i love to write about life; about the why, and the what if's, the wonders, the way of man under the sun,the laughter, the whisper, the crying, and the end.

52 years old | Atlanta, GA, USA

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aldeygirl   (open in a new window)

56 years old | Birmingham, AL, USA

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ozzyozzy5   (open in a new window)

You would expect a long description from a writer...

27 years old | Abbevill, Ireland

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peterporcupine   (open in a new window)

Darmok on the ocean

Gentleman and scholar, kind, thought-full, seeks small, sickly, genius-girl with one eye and a limp [1]. A companion through adventure and hardship.

History, science, literature, wordplay, geography, liberty, Classics, education, genealogy, philosophy, New England. Car-free, INTJ.

[1] Metaphorically or liter...

53 years old | Concord, MA, USA

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rainbowfish   (open in a new window)

Until October 2011, I'd never heard of NaNoWriMo but I completed the challenge, in November 2011, of writing 50,000 words of a novel in a month. Until then, I had only ever written short stories and poems, though there's quite a collection as I have been enjoying writing since I was a youngster. I have now successfully completed three more NaNo challenges, and have published two non-fiction books ...

60 years old | Maidstone, United Kingdom

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smickels   (open in a new window)

I'm 26, from Essex. I work in travel as an air hostess. I love movies, reading and writing. I also like comic books and sci-fi/fantasy films. I love to travel, I spent some time volunteering in Africa with big cats and I helped build a school as well. I want to travel the world so I go on holiday quite often. I want to meet like minded people who shares my interests.

25 years old | Rochford, United Kingdom

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aranbenjo   (open in a new window)

i love to write
i always dreamed to became a journalist

33 years old | Roma, Italy

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gentlemandarss   (open in a new window)

53 years old | Karise-Olstrup, Denmark

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jellybean36tn   (open in a new window)

i journal
If I couldn't write I would go insane.

39 years old | Cleveland, TN, USA

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danceandpoetry   (open in a new window)

Amateur Poet looking for my Muse... ;-)
I'm an amateur poet hoping to develop my writing skills. Do you like poetry?

58 years old | San Antonio, TX, USA

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