Why Scammers & Spammers Hate Us

1) We determine location automatically.

2) Members who lie about their
location are deleted.

3) The default contact blocking system
prevents members outside the U.S. &
Canada from directly contacting
members within the U.S. & Canada.

4) Messages from members outside
the U.S. & Canada to members within
the U.S. & Canada are delivered
into a BLOCKED folder.

5) BLOCKED messages can still be
retrieved and read, but members
are not notified of them via email alerts.

6) Contact is limited on some sites for 24hours to give us time to identify potential spammers and scammers.

7) There is a limit of 10 email messages per day to people you do not know yet...which makes it difficult for scammers to use the system before being identified.

8) Filters within the email system flag potential spam and delete it before it's sent.

9) We have an active memberbase who alert us to spam and to scams.

10) We block areas generating high levels of spam.