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So Much On My Mind

Hi, before I get started I would like to share with you, which is every one who reads this post. Have you ever had some much to say until you don't know where to begin? I am feeling this way as I sit down to write what is on my mind. Ok let me just fall right into it. Life that is what is on my mind. We as people spent it in different ways. Doing different things, So many views on just how it goes. This has left me with a big hole in my heart and mind. Just don't seen to be able to understand why one must put a stumbling block in between any form of life. What I mean by that if you are not on the same page as me. Let me just say simply we are all here for just a short season. Why won't we except one another basic on that person love and respect, actions, friendship, spirit, kindness, and instead we basic life on one color, groups what society their standard, money, beauty, and education . I guess no one is looking but me, huh. You see all of the things on which we view other pertain to what a man in general think on how things should be. It lack the very reason on which we are all here That is to serve a higher calling no matter what name you give For me Its the Lord in whom I trust. Life was meant to be enjoyed, yes there will be up and down but I know in my heart that if we all just come together as one people we could get thought these up and down; I feel the need to explain my last statement. I am not in no way saying that we should be just one race no way I am simply saying that we should all love each other with the same love we have for our sibling or a mother, father sister or brother aunt uncle self, ok you get the picture, In this life love is the key it really is the answer. It should not matter if you have a million dollars or just one. Life is so out of touch to what it was really design for until sometimes I just lay my head down and cry not for me but for all , so big and yet small at the same times. Life is so simply yet so complex. Life we love to live it and hate to die. Life we take the sun with the rain. Life we make it fun and sad all in one day. Life has so many different meaning. Life, I am just trying to live it to the fullest.

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